Monday, 26 September 2011

New regulations on animals coming soon

Dangerous dog (for human ankles)
ALGECIRAS (Agencies) New local by-laws on animals are due to come into effect at the beginning of October. Among these are about 'professionals' having to present a 'declaration of responsibility' before they begin working with animals. This applies principally to anyone setting up breeding sales or training of 'potentially dangerous' animals. However, while the changes don't hold much news over the previous by-laws, here are a few reminders:>>>
  • Forbidden to keep animals in places where they are evidently bothering the neighbours.
  • Forbidden to keep animals at a private home that are classified as wild or dangerous.
  • Obligation of keeping animals in healthy sanitary condition, as well as adequately fed or watered.
  • Forbidden to carry pets in the car boot without any connection to the rest of the vehicle.
  • Every animal must be registered at the municipal registry. Not only those classified as dangerous, but all animals.
  • An animal owner is responsible for 'damage to people, goods or in general.'
  • Animals are not allowed on beaches at any timel.

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