Monday, 26 September 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS (Over photo of multitude) Death certificate for bullfighting in Catalonia - Left controls Frencha Senate for first time since 1958 - "Euskadi (Basque Country) owes ETA nothing nor to 'abertzale' Left" - Eeruption alert on El Hierro (Canary Island) / ABC (Over photo of torero José Tomás applauding crowd) Door shuts on freedom - EL MUNDO Murderer of 13 year old to represent ETA prisoners - (Below photo of crowd) And now, prohibition (re bullfighting ban in Catalonia) - Rajoy promises to fire spendthrift party bosses / PÚBLICO (Former Spanish Premier José María) Aznar launches a guide to cash in in climate change - Demos all over Spain to support mortgage law changes - Rubalcaba requests removal of fiscal benefirts to those with children at 'elite' schools /  CINCO DÍAS (Business & Finance) Banks pressure for creation of public 'bad bank' - Madrid auctions off its risk capital firm - The dangers of talent emigration / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) OPE (Cross the Straits Operation) drops 24.4% in five years -  Labour inspectors find faults at Junta's Dept. of Employment - Algeciras jail reduces number of prisoners YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR ONLY €2

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