Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nigeria, origin of most Algeciras port cargo

ALGECIRAS Some three million containers come through the Port of Algeciras each year. It may stay in the country or be sent off to any of 150 connecting ports all over the world. Not surprisingly most of the cargo in 2010 came to Algeciras from Nigeria, containing agricultural or food products. Thus, Nigeria takes over from Egypt as the main source of cargo, calculated at 3.67 million tons. The year before that, Nigeria was in third place, with 'only' a million tons. After hat, the top rankings are: Spain (2.84 million tons), Saudi Arabia (2.75), Morocco (2.5) China (2.02) Iran (1.4) Turkey (1.2) and India (1.06) This is for merchandise coming into Algeciras, including from other Spanish ports. As to the most important destinations for outgoing cargo, other Spanish ports took 5.71 million tons; Morocco, 2.55; Gibraltar, 1.36 and Algeria, 1.04. IF YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE INTERESTING, USEFUL OR ENTERTAINING, PLEASE CONSIDER THE WORK, EFFORT AND COST IT TAKES TO BRING IT TO YOU. WE WOULD APPRECIATE A DONATION TO CONTINUE A FREE SERVICE.

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