Monday, 19 September 2011

Parents call indefinite strike

JIMENA Parents at Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles primary school in Jimena have called an 'indefinite strike' as from this morning. The decision was made on Friday, in protest against the fact that two teachers have been cut from what the parents consider necessary. One of them is a support teacher, whose presence would allow for splitting First Grade (Primero de Primaria), which at present has 28 children in a single inadequate classroom, and the other is a Special Needs assistant to attend to a couple of kids in the class. The strike meant that this morning the parents of the kids impacted most by the (usual, annual) cutbacks asked the rest of the school's parents for their support in not letting their kids into school. Some could not do so as they had to work, or hadn't heard about the circumstances. The strike is expected to continue despite th intervention of Mayor Guillermo Ruiz, who tried in vain to intervene. More photos below)
Mayor Guillermo Ruiz (l.) talks with school Director Juan Rondón
The sign outside

Gathering at the gates

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