Monday, 12 September 2011

PP awaits Pineda's recovery with patience

Francisco 'Paco' Pineda
JIMENA (TioJimeno) The Jimena branch of the Partido Popular (PP) waits patiently for the recovery of the man who headed its electoral list. Francisco Pineda had a stroke during the campaign for local elections on May 22. He has been in hospital ever since but is said to be recovering quickly and well; Family sources said he could well be leaving hospital in the next few weeks, to continue rehabilitation treatment at home in Jimena. The party is hoping he will be willing to take up his place as a Councillor as soon as, and if, he feels up to the task. He cannot become Mayor, as the period for that possibility ended 48 hours after the Council held its first investiture session early last June. "The only way his place could become vacant," according to Councillor Pedro Corbacho, "is that he resigns from it expressly, or he is declared incompetent, neither of which will happen."

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