Friday, 9 September 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS (Ministry of) Economy calls regional autonomies to order on excessive deficits - OECD and ECB revise financial forecast downwards - Ghadafi sold 29 tons of gold to save regime / ABC Honorable Members reveal their patrimony - Regional deficit, running away - Over 80% of Catalans want bilingual education / EL MUNDO Deputies have an average €163,000 and two homes - (Minister of Economy Elena) Salgado  demands from PP deficit twelve times lower than inherited -  Judge Cillán complains she has not received report on 11-M trains scrap / PÚBLICO Honorable Members´patrimony (over comparative pic of Rubalcaba and Rajoy) - Teachers create calendar of protests and students call strike - Autonomies close out first half of 2011 having spent almost their whole annual budget / EL ECONOMISTA Bank of Spain to hold 91% of NovaCaixaGalicia - Not even 9-11 brought stock exchanges down so much - General Motors rescues Spanish branch with €608 million / EUROPA SUR Landaluce is richest Deputy in Cádiz - Andalucía needs more cutbacks to meet deficit accumulation YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY FEATURE FOR ONLY €2

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