Sunday, 4 September 2011

Urinating in street 'unacceptable behaviour'

SAN ROQUE (Agencies) Izquierda Unida has called for the resignation of the Deputy Mayor of San Roque, Juan José Puerta, for urinating in the street during the local fair. The opposition party says he could have used any of several toilets available in local casetas (marquees), adding that this is unacceptable behaviour in a Councillor and demanding that PSOE mayor, condemn it and him. This is not the first scrape for the newly elected councillor. He was recently stopped and asked for identification as he tried to enter the Town Hall without any ID and not properly dressed. The police on duty at the door did not recognize Puerta, who had to call is colleague, Councillor for Security Juan Manuel Ordóñez, for identification. The officers were reprimanded. (Note: For what? Doing their duty?)

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