Friday, 14 October 2011

51% of Danes want to have a home in Spain

(No wonder!)
SPAIN (Source: Jimena Real Estate) A decidedly happy bunch, Denmark holds a reputation of having an exceptionally good quality of life. In spite of this, more and more Danes appear to be investing their hard earned cash elsewhere, with more than 70,000 purchasing holiday homes abroad, with Spain topping the charts as their perfect second home location this year. Findings gathered from a recent survey on the 24th September 2011 at the Bolig i Udlandet Homes Abroad exhibition in Denmark, which surveyed 225 visitors discovered some interesting results regarding Danish property buyers.>>>Of the individuals asked, around 92% currently live in owner occupied housing while a mere 8% live in rental property, hardly surprising considering the average household income of respondents totaled around €119,000.
Additionally, of the 83% of interviewees who said they were looking to buy a property, 39% chose a house for their purchase taking joint ownership with an apartment at a further 39%. The remaining 22% asked were undecided.
Further statistics highlight that 44% of respondents were looking to buy within 1 year while 2 years was needed by 29%.
In terms of location, the most significant discovery from the survey showed that a massive 51% of Danes desired a second home in Spain followed behind by France (15%), Thailand (14%) and Italy (12%).

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