Friday, 14 October 2011

These wonderful little puppies, and Mom, have now found a home!

JIMENA Yes, they're all off to Germany by plane, and accompanied by their foster mother Renate, who will travel to Düsseldorf, hand them over and come back straight away. Then she'll probably break down and cry. The German contact has already found homes for a couple of them but thinks there will be no problem for the rest. We really need to congratulate Renate on the enormous care, attention and money she has spent on them. In order for them to travel, they all had to have passports, which also means vaccinations, worming, etc.etc. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO SET UP A FUND, so that if someone is helping an animal to survive or find a home or whatever, they can be helped financially. There has been considerable interest in setting up such a fund, even from Carlos the vet, so please keep an eye on this space for more information. Also, there is bit of a move to get as many Campo animal charities together as possible to form a 'federation' of sorts to work together and maybe be a pressure group. Watch this space.

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