Tuesday, 18 October 2011

BBC reports on Spain's stolen babies

SPAIN We at CampoPulse have been reporting on the subject since July last year, over a year ago, when we were alerted about it on local media as having happened in La Línea and Algeciras. Gradually the news has emerged from all over Spain: there was a network, connected or otherwise, removing newborns from their biological mothers and putting them up for adoption via payment or not, to other families, deemd more 'appropriate' by the Franco regime. Cases of women believing their babies were stolen from them continue to appear. The BBC's Today programme this morning announced that there would be a programme on the subject tonight on BBC2 at 9pm (UK time) titled 'Spain's Stolen Babies', the text for which we give below. Two other items on the BBC site: Doctor confronted over stolen babies and Spanish mum recalls 'stolen baby'. The BBC TV announcement:>>>
Spain is reeling from an avalanche of allegations of baby theft and baby trafficking. The trade began at the end of the Spanish civil war and continued for 50 years - hundreds of thousands of babies are thought to have been traded by nuns, priests and doctors up to the 1990s. This World reveals the impact of Spain's stolen baby scandal through the eyes of the children and parents who were separated at birth, and who are now desperate to find their relatives.
Exhumations of the supposed graves of babies and positive DNA tests are proof that baby theft has happened. Across Spain, people are queuing up to take a DNA test and thousands of Spaniards are asking 'Who am I?'
Katya Adler has been meeting the heartbroken mothers who are searching for the children whom they were told died at birth, as well as the stolen and trafficked babies who are now grown up and searching for their biological relatives and their true identities.

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