Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Jimena opts out of the 21st century (let alone the late 20th)

Right Mayor, wrong text
or vice versa
JIMENA As somebody just said: the mind boggles. We're well into the 21st century (yes, madam, we are, please sit down) yet Jimena Council announced yesterday via the local 'newspaper of reference' Europa Sur, that it is eliminating its web page. True, there isn't much difference to the situation the day before that because the web page has not been updated since the local elections in May - except for a change of photograph but not of text: on May 27th the photograph was changed to that of the new mayor, Guillermo Ruiz (PP), but the text that is still there was written by the former mayor, Pascual Collado (PSOE).A nice bit of political cooperation there. And the only bit of political cooperation, by the look of it. Certainly the only bit of anything uploaded to the site since then. No news, no information (you can't get onto the emergency numbers page, for instance - but you can here), nothing. Not even information about the components of the new Council - but we have the answer here and on the sidebar. There is no news from the Ayuntamiento as to why this is happening, but we're willing to bet it will be blamed either on the lack of money or on the previous government (PSOE), which comes to much of the same thing.

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