Saturday, 22 October 2011

No bail for father of missing Córdoba children

CÓRDOBA (Agencies) His children are missing, says José Bretón, who claims Ruth, 6, and José, 2, disappeared when they were all in the play area of a park together and he was distracted. Security footage from October 8 shows Bretón, a former soldier, in the same area, but not his children. In any case, the judge doesn't believe him, so after painstaking searches at his and his parents' homes and properties, Bretón was ordered to prison without bail for alleged illegal detention. At a press conference on the steps of the courthouse, his lawyer José María Sánchez de Puerta, said that he would be filing an appeal against the order because, "He (Bretón) shows clear signs of bipolarism and has attempted suicide twice, once after serving in Bosnia and again later on."

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