Saturday, 15 October 2011

Taking a walk on the very, very wild side

This YouTube video has gone viral (meaning it has caught the virtual world's imagination, if you wondered what that meant). Over 2 million hits (meaning ... oh, never mind) over the last couple of weeks has brought high-risk sport fans flocking to the spot at Los Chorros, in Málaga province, according to one paper. They are apparently queuing up to take this walk - which was closed in 2000 after two walkers (let's call them climbers, shall we?) fell to their deaths over 100 meters below. The trail was built in 1905 for workers to access two hydroelectric plants being built in the area (No, madam, there was no Health & Safety Act in 1905. Please sit down.) It is about to be fixed up and made safe as part of an €8.5 million project to attract tourists to the area. Some tourists may be expected to be lost.

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