Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Estimated electricity bills to disappear in April

A bright idea
SPAIN Consumers with power contracts for 15 kilowatts or less - mainly homes and small businesses - will, as from April, once again be receiving their bills every two months and based on a real reading of their meters instead of an estimated one. However, those who wish to remain as things are at present (i.e. a bill every month with an estimated reading every other month, about which there have been massive complaints all over the country) may do so as long as they say so expressly. The electricity companies will be sending their clients informing them of the changes, and offering the option. The new measure (or rather, the old one refurbished) also allows consumers to inform the company of their meter reading, if the reader has not been able to access it. In any case, this is already possible online, rather than by phone. (See also: What's the difference between a recibo and a factura?)

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