Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS (Ministry of) Defense tries to save €5,200 million on tanks and planes - S&P and Fitch lower Spanish banking ratings in general - Soros and hu8ndreds of business people demand EuroBonds / ABC (Over pic of Catalonia prez and Quebec Prime Minister) Lecture from Quebec to Mas - Rubalcaba tells critics to shut up - Red alert on El Hierro for fear of volcano eruption - S&P and Fitch lower banks' ratings / PÚBLICO (Re Extremadura) PP launches 'family employment plan'- 17 cajas and banks do not meet future solvency demands - (Re two kids' disappearance in Córdoba) Police trace father's calls searching for clues / EL MUNDO New capital levels leave banks on a shoestring - (Re Minister Blanco's) The 'miracle builder' - Rubalcaba's consultants tell him to get teeth capped / EL ECONOMISTA (Business & Finance) Iberia will pay low cost pilots half for more hours - Banks must raise capital much more and now lose ratings - FMI admits it is preparing a credit line for Spain, if asked / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Acerinox postpones redundancies until 22 because it has received new orders - The drama of (illegal) immigration continues - (La Línea Mayor Gemma) Araujo says she wants to pay Pálex but has no money / SPONSORED BY

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