Thursday, 20 October 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Moody's downgrades ten regional autonomies and large banks - Kurdish guerrilla challenges Turkey with brutal attack on Iraq border - Brussles turns Spain into Europe's railway gateway / ABC (Re ETA peace talks) Mediators' fees -  Merkel and Sarkozy prepaere to punish Spanish debt - (Injured bullfighter) Padilla: "I don't resent the bull" / PÚBLICO CEOE (equivalent of CBI) proposes lowering unemployment pay to 12 days (per working year) - (Re Social Democrat meeting) 'If politics wants to, it can' - (Leonard) Cohen vindicates Lorca prior to receiving Prince of Asturias award / EL MUNDO Heavy downgrade from Moody's on 10 regionas' debts - Two years' jail for 2 men who spread links to illegal film download pages - Madrid's World Youth Day discounts to be investigated by Court of Audit / EXPANSIÓN (Business & Finance) Brussels proposes each country should value its own debt - (Union boss) Rossell surprises by suggesting unions sit on Boards - Santander signs up two HSBC top managers / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Algeciras, the great beneficiary of rail transport redesign - (Re gored bullfighter Padilla) The face of pain - Guardia Civil arrests person about El Cuartón fire - Los Barrios tries to impugn La Gertrudis auction

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