Friday, 21 October 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS The end of terror - Rebels kill Ghaddafi with NATO support / ABC ETA neither disbandss nor gives up arms - Violent end for a cruel dictator / EL MUNDO ETA brags about its assasinations and urges Government to negotiate - NATO hunts down Ghaddafi in Sirt and rebels finish him off - Cajas force Luis de Rivero removal as head of Sacyr / PÚBLICO (Front page all red) Agur, ETA (Good-bye, ETA in Basque) / EL ECONOMISTA (Business & Finance) Business applauds end of ETA - Banks get rid of Del Rivero from Sacyr for not selling part of Repsol - The world in Merkel's hands - Disagreement over bank rescues tangles EU summit / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) ETA gives up violence but does not disband - Rebels kill Ghaddafi when they take his last bastion

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