Friday, 21 October 2011

Jimena manages to pay September salaries

Jimena from the castle
JIMENA Municipal employees yesterday received their salaries for September, fifteen days after the due date. A deal was made by Councillor Pedro Corbacho whereby the €130,000 needed to pay the wages of 90 people every month, came from state or regional sources that owe Jimena money - despite the fact that other entities are claiming money from the Council. "It was a difficult process but we managed to unblock the conflict so that we can pay this month." But there are no similar amounts in place for next month or thereafter, as the state monies distribution, known as PIE, is to be retained until other debts are paid by the Council. "We're going to try reaching an agreement with the Tax authorities and Social Security so that we can count on at least some of that money over the next few months. Both Corbacho and Mayor Guillermo Ruiz agree that things are desperate. "Our priorities are to pay the wages, but there is absolutely no income," says Ruiz.

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