Thursday, 19 April 2012

Anti-tax evasion measures, medical co-payments and more children in the classroom

King Juan Carlos's accident made the really big news of the week move over (Prospero's well-exercised cynicism wonders about smoke screens). Three significant things will be approved by tomorrow's weekly Cabinet Meeting, or already were at last week's: co-payment for medicines by pensioners -free medication until now- depending on their income, and the long-term unemployed; anti-tax evasion measures against under-the-counter cash payments to the self-employed; more children in the classroom. We will be looking at each of these, and more, measures being taken over the next few weeks. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE but you can make a donation NOW, too! Please click here for more information on how to help us continue.

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