Thursday, 13 October 2011

Was Werrity in Gibraltar with Fox? Or without him?

Caruana and Fox, Oct 5, 2010
(Photo: GibChronicle)
GIBRALTAR The words written by our old friend David Eade in Panorama got us thinking: "Of course, Dr Fox recently made an official visit to Gibraltar where he dumped a lot of crumbling MoD buildings onto the chief minister in return for a promise that Mr Caruana would give him spanking new ones at no cost. Was Mr Werrity involved in this deal? Was Mr Werrity with Mr Fox when he visited the Rock?" Well, was he? According to a list of meetings released by the MoD on Monday, the pair (Fox and Werrity, not Caruana) met during the minister's visits to Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Florida, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Israel, Washington and Sri Lanka. So maybe not. Of course, this is an 'interim report' so maybe yes. Then again, Gibraltar is small fry compared to the list. So maybe not. But there's an awful lot of money in Gibraltar, so maybe yes. Lots of maybes attached to both Werrity and Dr. Fox. Too many, wethinks.

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