Thursday, 13 October 2011

Global revolution this weekend, back to work on Monday

As someone who was part of the (late) 60s 'revolution' and has never quite been able to rid himself of the memory of the adrenalin those anti-War (Vietnam) demos in London and other places produced, I have not been able either to want the world to change for what I happen to believe is the better. So, in my elderly way, I cannot help support in some little measure what the youth of today is trying to do - which is only what I tried to do at their age and failed, together with several million like-minded people of many nations. But failure is the only reason to try again, even though the banks, politicians and 'markets' have a firmer grip on our collective b***s than ever. Go for it, kids! How I wish I could carry a banner and walk at the same time!

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