Monday, 2 July 2012

The latest on the poor dog

JIMENA Two versions on what´s happened to that poor dog. The Local Police say that the 'owner' says that 'an English' woman took the dog away. We contacted the 'English' women more likely to have done anything like that and they deny any knowledge of it. All we can do is hope the poor thing is in a better place than he was, or maybe even with much better people. But he has not lived or died in vain: A fund raiser luncheon is being organised for Thursday July 12 to start a local charity, or animal protection society. There already a good number of people coming, and plenty of those who can't are sending donations. Watch this space for more info on the luncheon  and how you, too can make a donation - BUT WE NEED A NAME FOR THE CHARITY, SO LET'S NAME IT AFTER THE DOG, WHOSE NAME WE NEVER KNEW AND MUST THEREFORE INVENT. (Send in your suggestion in Comments below or on Facebook) (See related items her, here and here)


frankie said...

I really hope he made it through to someone to help him.. heartbreaking xxx

J.Lakerveld said...

I hope also that help comes on time for the dog. It's really heartbreaking and also really wrong to treat an animal that way!!!!!! And it;s also wrong to leave the dog like that instead of helping him and just walk away! SHame on you who did that! :[

Anonymous said...

The people that walked away and left him like this are just as bad, owner or no owner, he probably wasn't chipped anyway. REPORT those police that did nothing!

I would have taken that dog away..