Monday, 3 October 2011

Women do not use day after pill as contraceptive

SPAIN A study by the Spanish Contraceptive Society revealed last Thursday that women are not using the day after pill as a contraceptive, despite the fears of ultraCatholic organizations and the PP party, who objected vehemently against the pill being available over the counter. The society carried out a study, financed by the laboratory that makes the most-sold day after pill in Spain, among 5,800 women aged 14 to 50, 96.7% of whom had not given up their usual methods of contraception. And, significantly, 98.7% of them say they had never bought the pill to keep at home 'just in case'. However, 14.1% of women in their fertile years say they have bought the day after pill on occasions, 77.7% of whom say it was because they had been having problems with their usual methods. Indeed, 65.3% say that the problem was a condom breakage.

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