Monday, 3 October 2011

Campo reservoirs start new season at 80.4% capacity

Guadarranque (A.J Sepúlveda Rivera)
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR (Agencies) The new 'hydrological year' began on Saturday, that is, October 1st. And to mark the beginning of the season, the water authorities announced that the reservoirs at an overall 80.42% of their total capacity. Not bad if compared to last year's figures, when after a much rainier winter, water reserves were at 84.74%. In 2007, at the end of a drought period, the reserves were at only 56.8% - and this was the envy of the rest of the province, which was alarmed by their lack of reserve water and were in pre-alert mode. Thus, the three reservoirs in the Campo de Gibraltar area show the following figures: Almodóvar in Tarifa is at 60% capacity, and Charco Redondo, in Los Barrios at 73.2%; and Guadarranque in Castellar, at 88.5%.

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