Monday, 3 October 2011

On the Silk Road at the weekend

Prospero has only just recovered from the magnificent meal he was kindly invited to on Saturday evening at Casa Henrietta. The place was full: extra tables had to be set up, the kitchen was bustling with familiar faces almost unable to lift heads from chopping boards, the friendly 'waitresses' remained friendly despite the rush - and absolutely everyone said how good the meal was. It was what in Spain is called a menú degustación, taken directly from the French, which means a try-it-and-see kind of thing. Try it we all did, and liked it - well, there was nothing left on the plates that we saw returning to the kitchen. Best of all, there was a very good turnout of local Spanish guests, mostly the younger, more adventurous generation. Keep it up, Melissa and great team! (The Chinese Silk Road menu is on Saturdays from 8pm for the whole of this month.)

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