Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Councillor orders police to remove fines: "You'll know who I am in the morning"

Tarifa on a quieter day
TARIFA (Agencies) Councillor José María González (PP) caused a scene last September when he and others were being fined for parking in a pedestrian area. The incident occurred when the councillor and several friends made use of the fairground area for an impromptu meeting. When the Local Police arrived and began writing parking tickets, González began by ordering them to remove them from his and his friends' vehicles. According to a report filed at the police headquarters that same day, González addressed the police in an 'authoritative manner' and 'contemptuously'. Apparently, after some discussion 'that was increasing intone', he also said one of the policemen would 'not make it to retirement as an officer.' The Council opposition has called for the councillor's resignation, as well as that of Mayor Juan Andrés Gil for being 'an accessory and an accomplice.' Another councillor, Juan José Medina admitted that González had "put his foot in it." However, the €200 fine has been paid, but the media storm surrounding the incident has all other parties chasing after González's blood.

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