Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fallen windmill report in the making

TARIFA (Agencies) The company that owns the wind generator that collapsed last Friday, almost onto the N-340, is analysing the causes of the incident, as is the Council, independently (As we reported here). The company, Alstom, however, says that the close inspection of the 35m machine has not revealed any condition that might be the cause of another such incident. Nevertheless, a full report is almost completed. Among other things, it will no doubt say that, as the windmill was erected in 1996 as an experimental project by another company, Ecotecnia, which was absorbed by the present owner, it, and other similar generators, have not been maintained for at least the last two years. Tarifa Mayor Juan Andrés Gil, has also ordered the Council's technical department to look into the incident as well.

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