Saturday, 5 November 2011

Windmill collapes in high winds

TARIFA (Agencies) One of the old wind generators near the N-340 in the municipality of Tarifa collapsed yesterday, apparently the result of high wind in the area, according to on site reports. Fortunately, none of the heavy blades fell directly onto the road, when the insident happened at about 1.30pm, when traffic tends to be particularly heavy on that section of road - and the storm was at its peak at that time yesterday. The whole structure came down when the base simply collapsed. This was one of the original 600 volt prototypes that measured some 35m in height, and the diameter of 30m for the blades. It was installed in 1996 by a company that is now called Alstom, whose technicians spent the rest of the afternoon studying the best way to remove the damaged windmill, and the causes of it collapse. Another group of technicians working in the area reported a small tornado at about that time. Bad weather is another factor in the removal operations, plans for which initially incorporate a static crane so as not to cut off the traffic on the N-340. Fire rescue and Guardia Civil units were also on the scene. What is not apparent is the state of other similar windmills in the area.

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