Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gibraltar's new air terminal to open on November 26

GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) Gibraltar’s new Air Terminal will be open for flight arrivals only, as from Saturday November 26th, a Gibraltar Government spokesman declared yesterday. The monumental building has been visited by over 5,600 people during the last week. The new Air Terminal will now enter a period of equipment and operating and security systems commissioning and testing. It will then start flight operations in phases, starting with the handling of flight arrivals only at the end of the month. And with effect from November 1 the newly created Borders & Coastguard Agency has taken over responsibility for all the functions previously carried out by the private company Security & Immigration Limited. The previous contractual arrangements between the Government and SIL have been terminated by mutual consent.>>>
Andrew Bonfante currently second in command of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Borders & Coastguard Agency.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said: “These functions include Immigration control at all Gibraltar’s entry points and security controls at the air terminal and the cruise terminal. All Security & Immigration Limited staff have been transferred into the Agency.

The Borders & Coastguard Agency will be head quartered in those parts of the old RAF HQ Building next to the Air Traffic Control tower which now belong to the Gibraltar Government.

“Given the nature of the functions and responsibilities of the Agency it is important that it be led by a person with extended experience of senior management in a disciplined and uniformed body. Mr Bonfante is such a person, and he is leaving the Regiment to take up his new post”, added the spokesperson.
Existing air terminal

With effect from November 1st 2011, the previous arrangements whereby the air terminal was managed by a private company, Terminal Management Limited, have been discontinued by mutual consent.

“The current air terminal, (and the new air terminal) will now come under Gibraltar Air Terminal Limited, whose Chief Executive is Nicky Guerrero. Gibraltar Air Terminal Limited is a company wholly owned by the Government. All relevant staff of Terminal Management Limited engaged in terminal aviation activities have been transferred to Gibraltar Air Terminal Limited.

“John Gonçalvez has been contracted by the Government for two years to work directly in the Aviation Ministry on aviation safety and security policy.”

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