Monday, 21 November 2011

Grace needs a loving home and plenty of food

LOS BARRIOS/JIMENA (By e-mail) The Los Barrios refuge centre got her yesterday. She was found wandering around some streets. So nobody knows anything about her. I took her from the shelter to my vet in Estación San Roque. I have named her Grace just so she has a name, which she thoroughly deserves. She is young; the vet thinks not even 2 years old. Her ears have been 'chopped to give that hideous curled look.
As you can see, she is skin and bone, but she had all her blood tests done and there's nothing wrong with her.  She just needs food and a good home. She LOVES the boot of the car!!!  Never wants to leave it.  Or never says no to jumping into it! If you know anybody who could give her a forever home please contact me, Renate (956 640 898).

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