Friday, 25 November 2011

'Hot Christmas' for Iberia passengers

SPAIN It looks like the traditional pilots strike at Iberia will not be forgotten this year. Spanish air travellers - and anyone making a connection with Iberia - are probably becoming used to the fact that their Christmas travels will be upset, as they have for the last five years. Travel agents are reporting that the fear of a strike has impacted bookings on the airline, although there are no numbers as yet. In a letter to the company, SEPLA, the union that represents some 1450 of Iberia's pilots, accuses the airline of 'propitiating its break-up' and refuses  arbitration. In fact, the union demands the presence of Willie Walsh, who heads IAG, the parent company of the merger between Iberia and British Airways, 'because he is the person making the decisions since the merger'. 

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