Friday, 25 November 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Rajoy tells big bankers of his first mves -  Merkel buries Eurobond debate and ECB's role - Navy brass tried to hide sexual harrassment / ABC Merkel is not seduced - PP to cut back on bosses and 'trusties' - Blanco retires from front line politics and Chacón is candidate to lead PSOE / PÚBLICO Merkel says no - Nóos diverted all the public money to Urdangarín plotters - EU forbids Internet operators to act as copyright police / EL MUNDO Balearic Government forged minutes to give €2.3 million to Urdangarín - (Alberto) Contador to Sports Tribunal: "I am an example of cleanliness and honesty" - Merkel is not seduced by Eurobonds / CINCO DÍAS (Business & Finance) Another 'hot Christmas' at Iberia - Merkel and Sarkozy open way for two-tier Euro - Sabadell (Bank) is lone bidder for CAM / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Caught, network of drug smugglers that brought in 550 kilos of 'coke' via Algeciras - New mobilisations in La Línea, no prospect of being paid - (Andalucía President) Griñán 'presents' (Premier-elect) Rajoy with first list of petititons

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