Thursday, 3 November 2011

Junta investigates Valderrama for illegal use of aquifer

SAN ROQUE / Sotogrande (Agencies) The Junta de Andalucía's provincial delegation of the Department of the Environment is investigating the possibility that the world famous golf course at Valderrama is using water from three aquifer wells to irrigate some 60 hectares of the course. The investigation began after the environmental group Verdemar-Ecologists en Acción denounced the alleged offence to the department. According to the group, it is possible that the club is extracting some 750,000m3 per year. In August alone, say the environmentalists, they might have taken 2,000m3. The department began enquiries (diligencias previas in Spanish), which means that a special agent was sent to look into the matter on October 18. The agent confirmed the existence of three wells and a network of water traps (called 'artifical lakes' in the report) to hold water. The club has until November 15 to present relevant documentation, which it says is in its possession, to the department.

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