Thursday, 3 November 2011

You don't need a ticket to enter Gibraltar - tell the tourists

LA LÍNEA/GIBRALTAR The scam has been going on for years (Prospero has known of it for over 40). A car full of tourists, usually a rental but not always, is in the queue to get into Gibraltar. Out of nowhere appears someone, usually fairly unkempt but not always, telling them they need a ticket to access Gibraltar. It costs only €10, say. The unwary tourist pays up and is probably given an old lottery ticket or similar 'official'-looking piece of useless paper. That's €10 in the perpetrator's pocket. maybe not for long. The La Línea police recently arrested three of these scam artists in a gesture by La Línea Mayor Gemma Araujo aimed at improving cross-border relations. Until now, there have been very few if any reports of similar requests, as previous administrations saw this as gainful employment for local hardcore unemployed.

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