Friday, 11 November 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Spain will be unable to meet objectives unless more adjustments are applied - ETA: "Disarmament is on the agenda" - Merkel promises to defend Eurozone / EL MUNDO EU asks us for adjustment equivalent to three months' pensions - Royal Household dissaociates from Urdangarín defence - ETA intervenes in its candidates campaign / PÚBLICO Italy and Greece: Financial power takes over - The Left distances itself from new Brussels demands - Urdangarín received 1.5 of the 5.3 million Nóos obtained from public funds / NEGOCIO (Business & Lifestyle) Brussels certifies European economy's paralysis - Telefónica loses ground on portability - Home sales continues to drop /EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) ETA enters campaign and says disarmament is "on the agenda" - EU predicts that Spain borders recession and will be unable to meet deficit

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