Monday, 26 December 2011

25 Local Police have Christmas dinner at Town Hall entrance

Christmas Eve dinner
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) Some 25 members of the Local Police, who haven't been paid for six months held their Christmas dinner (on the Eve, as in all of Spain), with their partners, in the foyer of the convention center, where they have been holding their protest for ten days now. They were joined afterwards by some 50 more colleagues, and fifteen slept there 'to hold the fort'. A 'manifesto' was read before the meal, in which comradeship was often heard. "We couldn't do this without our families and colleagues," it read, "and we don't want to be a problem to Gibraltar, nor to the citizens of La Línea by demonstrating outside." "But we do have the right, and the obligation, to protest at the inhumanity of what is happening to all of us," said one demonstrator.

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