Thursday, 29 December 2011

Childish politics in naming a kindergarten

A road in El Saladillo, Algeciras
ALGECIRAS In what can only be described as childish politics, three political parties are throwing their toys out of the pram in their disagreement over naming a new kindergarten in one of the town's most neglected sections, El Saladillo. The PP (in power) proposed the name of Infanta Leonor, after one of the Kings's granddaughters. Izquierda Unida ('United Left') immediately said no (they profess to be republicans), it should be called Daniel Candel, after a semi-local man that went into exile for the republican cause. No, no, said, the PSOE (in power until local elections earlier in the year), it must be called Hermanos Mariscal, in honour of two brothers of a local family who went through medical tribulations to cure one of their number's congenital disease. The stuf that delights the media, whose local representatives have made hay with the straw of this subject. Why do local politicians have to behave like children? Can't they just get on with so many other, much more important matters?

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