Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ice skating project collects over 600 kilos in food

Conesa, Cid and Regordán at the rink
ALGECIRAS Last Friday we told you about how your kids could get some free time on the skating rink in Algeciras (Free ice skating in exchange for food). The event was a grand success, according to this morning's media: some 600 kilos of non-perishable food were collected, all of which is going to the Cáritas food bank for the needy. The idea came from the rink's owner, Manuel Cañadillas. The local representative of Cáritas, a Church charity, Juan de Dios Regordán, said that some 2,700 families are currently being helped, of which 400 have no income at all. He, and Algeciras Councillors Paula Conesa and Juana Cid thanked Cañadillas for his initiative.

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