Sunday, 18 December 2011

Collecting for unpaid municipal employees

LA LÍNEA (Agencies) A group of people have organized a collection of foodstuffs at various supermarkets and stores in the town. The idea is to collect food and any other donations for the municipal workers who are owed up to six months' wages. The group is led by Catalina Contreras, a municipal worker herself, better known as Lina at the town hall. She and several others were at Carrefour on Thursday, at Mercadona and Lidla yesterday, and plan to continue their campaign, 'for those who have nothing left, not even to eat with'. She is surprised by the wonderful response from everyone: shoppers, seing them at the entrance, buy a little extra something and put it in the cart. "We filled a whole van yesterday," said Lina, who then organizes the distribution to her fellow municipal workers. "The even give us money," she added.

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