Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Much ado about two Peters in Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR In an exclusive scoop by David Eade in Gibraltar's Panorama (the GSLP paper and online) it is revealed that he had found out that a book by former Europe Minister Peter Hain, titled 'Outside In', is due to be published in January. The book apparently tells the full story of Hain's conversations with Chief Minister Peter Caruana, in which joint sovereignty of the Rock was discussed in 2001 - the article calls these 'notorious' and Eade says that the Foreign Office and Labour would wish to forget them. It turns out that the FO stopped the memoirs from being published before the Gibraltar elections on the grounds that it might have influenced them. In the meantime, The Gibraltar Chronicle published an article by Editor Dominique Searle this morning titled 'Hain Rejects 'Election Spin' and Caruana Rubbishes Panorama's Joint-Sovereignty Story'. Elections are held tomorrow on the Rock and we will attempt to have the results as soon as possible.

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