Thursday, 1 December 2011

San Roque has most banks per capita in the Campo de Gibraltar

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CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR There are 30 more bank offices in the Campo than there were five years ago. That comes to 159 branch offices of various banks, cajas de ahorro (building societies) and other financial institutions - or one for every 1,659 people in the area. Of the seven municipalities, San Roque has the most per capita, with 24. La Línea, on the other hand, has one branch for every 2,228 inhabitants, with a total of 29. Then comes Los Barrios, with one financial office per 2,029. But Algeciras is among the province's municipalities with most banks: 79 in 2010 (the year the statistics are from), which puts it third behind Jerez (128 branches) and Cádiz (94), in that order. The average in the province is one bank for every 1,607 residents. As for the rest of the Campo: Castellar has the least branches, only two, a proportion of 1 for every 1,580 people. Jimena has seven branches, one for every 1,490; Tarifa has ten branches, an equivalent of one for every 1,780 inhabitants. (Prospero note: Yes but, will any of them give credit?)

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