Thursday, 1 December 2011

British family arrested for stealing diesel fuel

(Photo: Guardia Civil)
MÁLAGA (Agencies) A British family of five were arrested in Málaga recently, accused of stealing 156,700 litres of diesel oil from a Málaga pipeline. The local oil company, CLH reported a substantial drop in pressure from their pipes that supplied the airport, and made a denuncia to the Guardia Civil. The GC immediately launched Operation Rudolf 2011, leading them to a leak in the line, exactly at a place where there was a hut that hid the equipment the gang of expert plumbers used to extract the fuel by puncturing the pipeline. The extracting pipes were traced to a rented property not far away, where they also found a 500-litre capacity van with a hose leading to the supply. They arrested a man who was in charge of the device, and later arrested another four people, who turned out to be members of the same family. The GC press release said that this is the first such case in Andalucía.

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