Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Environmental crime in Jimena

Illegally felled trees
Trees felled illegally over the Christmas holidays
JIMENA An interested reader, Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, sent these photos to TioJimeno (see the web album here) to denounce what he considers a crime against the environment that took place in the area known as Viña Rodrigo. You are not allowed to chop down cork oaks without  considerable hassle. Among  other things, Andrés says that this whole thing 'smells vary badly' because it is neither part of the original plan, nor have any permits or licenses been obtained. The significant number of trees that were chopped down during the Christmas holidays, when presumably the authorities 'were on holiday'. It all points to governmental negligence, he adds. And, Andrés also says that he is saddened by the reaction -or rather, the non-reaction- of the people of Estación and Jimena in general, who have shown 'indifference and apathy' about such a crime.

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