Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tourists denounce hotel after finding webcam in shower

(Illustration only)
GIRONA (Agencies)Three tourists from Madrid made a denuncia against the hotel they had been staying at after one of them found a hidden web camera behind a ventilation grille above the shower. The camera was found to be connected to an aerial and was apparently recording. The matter has gone to court and a judge is now investigating the circumstances. Reports say that one of the party noticed a piece of tape showing behind the grille and pulled on it, revealing the camera. They reported it immediately to the regional police (Mossos d'Esquadra), who took the matter to court and the hotel now stands accused of invasion of privacy, among other things. The hotel says that it is investigating the circumstances but it had found that the master key card had been used on that bedroom at midnight on July 22. A cleaner says she saw the tape a couple of weeks before the camera was discovered but didn't think it was important. The  tourists' lawyer is asking for €20,000 compensation for each of them, and if anyone is found guilty, the sentence carries a maximum of two years in jail. 

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