Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Picardo to Spain: 'Stop talking about sovereignty and concentrate on unemployment'

In the 21st Century, both sides should work together
GIBRALTAR (Agencies) on an extended interview for ABC Punto Radio, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo recently advised Spain to concentrate  on its five million unemployed and not on 'a historical claim' on the Rock. He added that the people of Gibraltar would never agree to reopen talks on the subject. Translated from the Spanish as reported in Europa Sur, he said, "With over five million unemployed I'm under the impression that Spain has other more important priorities than historic claims over my people. I think it's a quixotic claim and a subject for (the) history (books)." For the Chief Minister, the solution to the problem is that "Spain accept reality and the right of our inhabitants to decide on their future," a position backed by the British Government. He said that, in the 21st Century, both sides should "work together" and invited Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs, José García-Margallo to visit the Rock in order to understand the reality of his "small nation." Picardo went on to remind the listeners that between 6,000 and 7,000 Spaniards work in Gibraltar, while only a handful of Gibraltarians do so on the other side of the frontier.

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