Friday, 16 March 2012

Local Police already fining foreign-registered vehicles

Two groups having a botellón
by the castle walls
Botellón is forbidden, fines of €300
TARIFA (Agencies) Local Police have already denounced about ten vehicles that are known to be owned by local foreign residents, in accordance with the new regulations that are now in force. The newly reformed Law of Special Taxes (Ley de Impuestos Especiales, Law 39/2010 of December 22, Article 82 of the General Budget) says that foreigners resident in Spain must have their vehicles registered in this country, and pay taxes accordingly. There are numerous foreign-registered cars circulating daily in the municipality so the Local Police have not taken long to apply  the law, although they had previously offered plenty of information and warnings on the subject. On another matter, the local authority has forbidden the botellón (when and where people gather in public places to drink),>>>
which both Local Police and the Guardia Civil have been warning about for some time. The main problem has been below the castle walls. Fines of up to €300 for consuming alcohol in public places are now on the local laws. Numerous complaints about noise and filth had been coming for years from local businesses and residents, and the amount of rubbish the Council had to clean up every day were also on the agenda when the prohibition was discussed at Council meetings.

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