Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Please be less strict with our tobacco," they plead

LA LÍNEA (Agencies) Dozens of people gathered yesterday outside the Aduana (Customs) area on the La Línea side, to ask that the Guardia Civil be less strict with the amount of tobacco they allow into Spain from Gibraltar. Confirming our article below, controls have been intensified of late. Spokesperson José Antonio Ors said that the GC "confiscate even your motorbike for just one carton of cigarettes over the limit. We have to eat!" He added that he had met with the head of the local Aduana, Miguel Ángel Arrocha. "We asked him to please go a bit easier with the searches," said Ors. "And we asked him why they used to look away until recently." The maximum allowed through is 200 cigarettes a month.

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