Monday, 2 April 2012

Reader's Question: What's this about a new 'cadastral evaluation'?

JIMENA (Via e-mail) First I new that I had a problem was when I tried to use my cash card at the bank and found that I had no funds available! Checked with the bank and found I had an embargo on my account placed by Junta Andalucía. Called into the tax office opposite the town hall and they checked on their computer and advised me that it was an unpaid tax bill for a property I had purchased 4 years earlier and included tax, administration charge and a fine, they printed of the information that was available to them and also gave me an office to contact in San Roque for more details. I then met up with the Notary who administered my original purchase complete with all my documents relating to the sale including the escitura, invoices and receipts from the notary and my NIE certificate and passport! The Notary phoned the tax office in San Roque and found out that Junta Andalucía had reviewed the Cadastral value of my property and set it at a significantly higher figure than the price I paid... (the house was a complete wreck... uninhabitable)! The tax bill was for the difference in the tax I had paid when I purchased the property and the "new" cadastral value. The Notary advised me that this is a common occurrence at the moment an not just limited to Jimena and ex pats!!
I will get some legal advice on my chances of getting the cadastral value reduced but from feedback from other affected individuals I think my chances are very slim. So something else to consider when you purchase a property in Andalucía!!!!
Questions for my solicitor.....
1/ How long after a purchase can they revalue and claim the tax difference? 
2/ How is the cadastral value calculated and why is it not done at the time of purchase?
3/ Why have I been fined?

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