Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Council appeals to dog owners' sense of responsibility

TARIFA The local government is proposing to take to the Council plenary session, a motion that is aimed at dog owners, who may well be required to pay an additional special tax. The animal recovery service (i.e. dog pound) is likely to be reinstalled, if the proposal is approved. The idea is that dog owners should be charged for their pets' droppings, which has a considerable clean-up cost. That, plus the fact that many ownrs just let their dogs out whenever they want, day or night, to wander the streets. Councillor Juan José Medina, who is bringing the proposal, put it this way: "Tarifa has a serious problem with dog excrement in the street and other public places. The town is cleaned daily but it is impòssible to watch everything 24/7. There are clear regulations on the subject yet a large proportion of the residents do not take charge of their pets or their responsibilities. So, we just have to make the rest pay for those who do not have a civic attitude to their neighbours."

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