Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flamenco Fusion at Henrietta's this Friday

JIMENA Camino Express is the first disc from Paradise, a group of six musicians born and based in La Línea. But what is Flamenco Fusion? The group defines their style as a mix of good Flamenco, some Pop, more Jazz and even a bit of Blues. Ismael Cedeño, 29, is the voice in front of two guitars, percussion and two back-ups: Sara Vera ,18; José Manuel Cedeño, 27;Juan José Ahumado, 24; and Manuel Villalba. They come from different parts of La Línea, but their love of music brought them together. And now, it's our chance to hear and see them: at Casa Henrietta, on Friday 22, and 10pm. (Check our UpComing Events calendar)

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